Women to watch: Tully Humphrey


Need some inspo to kick your New Year goals? Then 31-year-old Tully Humphrey, the star behind activewear brand Tully Lou, is your go-to girl. In her relatively short lifetime, Humphrey not only managed to fulfil her childhood dream of creating a high-fashion business with global reach, she’s also overcome a serious eating disorder and bout of depression, and lived to tell the tale. She sat down with the STRONG Australia team to talk about all of the lessons learnt and the resolutions she’s setting next.


Your views on social media?

Humphrey: I love social media and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities it’s given me and the people I have met. However, I think how people compare themselves to other images on Instagram is a massive issue. As someone who has suffered from body image issues, it’s something I’m really passionate about.

SFMA: What has been your personal experience with body image issues?

Humphrey: As a teenager, I really struggled with body image and negative thoughts. I used to think that to be successful in life, you had to be ‘skinny’. These days, I like to move my body and eat super healthy to feed positivity and make myself feel powerful, fierce and strong. I find that when I align these aspects of my life, career opportunities come my way and I generally feel happier.

SFMA: What has been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Humphrey: I was diagnosed with anorexia and depression at 14 years of age and I needed to quit school to focus on my recovery. During my rehab, I found yoga and meditation and it honestly changed my life forever – finding mindfulness at such a young age is something I’m so grateful for. It was at least 10 years until I felt comfortable with myself and learnt the tools to change my thoughts, especially when I was feeling myself slip back into old eating habits and over-exercising.

SFMA: What’s your number one self-care tip?

Humphrey: Gratitude. In the evenings, right before I am about to go to sleep, I write down the three best things that happened to me that day. It puts me in a state of appreciation and I always drift off much easier.

SFMA: What’s next for you and the Tully Lou brand?

Humphrey: I am really excited to focus on our brand’s sustainability in 2020 – researching our ability to make beautiful clothes while simultaneously helping the planet.

To read the complete interview with Tully Lou, grab a copy of our December/January edition of the magazine.